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Fringe Elements

So, I did, in fact, make it out to Apocalypse the Musical (link now leads to their homepage). It was... outstanding, really. I loved it to pieces. The basic plot is that Satan (who is so well played, I can't even tell you) dares God (who is equally well played, but in a less tingly sorta way) to start the apocalypse. They both agree to pick one person to lead their armied in the Final Battle For Earth. God picks an innocent young milkman ("They say there's more to live than Milk, but I'm not so sure"). Satan picks Wendy the Whore ("They say there's more to life than sex, but I'm not so sure"). I don't think it's ruining the ending to say they fall in love, and Chaos Insues.

My favorite part was, hands down, that Daisy the Cow was played by a guy who looked just like Levi. (Not nearly as obvious in that picture as it was at the play. I didn't take any photos at the play, though.) You can see the other few pics I took at the promo, too. Be sure to check out the confused nun.

I also made it out to the Tattoo last night, which was... not what I expected. Much better than I expected. At first description, it doesn't sound like much - it's a bunch of military bands demonstrating that they can keep time. (That was such an awful description, I'm sorry.) But... it's amazing. The music is outstanding, the way the performers move was great, it was fun and funny in places and very moving in others. They had bands from Norway (I didn't know there was compulsary military service there), Trinadad (yay steel drums!), dancers from New Zealand and Australia, Cossacks, motorbikes, and, of course, quite a few groups from Scotland and England. They had several interesting demonstrations of the current military skills in anti-terrorism, too. (The best part was where the Scottish military shot like storm troopers... I know, it was an act, and it was a very dramatic one at that, but c'mon! There's how many of you and one guy without cover holding a sword?)

The fireworks were amazing, they set off the big guns on the castle, and at one point managed to disguise the castle to look like a giant boat from Lord Nelson's fleet. I was very impressed.

And to think, I didn't want to take in the Fringe or the Tattoo this year. Silly me.


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