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It's Here!

Several things are here today!

1) My membership to English Heritage arrived. This allows me free into "over 400 Heritage sites across England". And gives me discounts into the Scottish Heritage sites. In retrospect, I probably should have bought the Scottish one and gotten the discounts into England, but eh. I'm happy, cuz it's here, it's got a purty card, and it has my name on it, all formal and proper like.

2) My days off! Which is great, cuz, yeah. Even my coworkers were beginning to worry about me. (Well, in that strange way that some of them do. "Oh, you're singificantly less cheerful this morning. It's a nice change." *grin* I am so looking forward to just not-working for a few days.

3) My trip to Paris! Now I am definately excited. Yay! I leave for Paris! Today! And I get there at 5:30 p.m. In Paris!

The Itinerary That Is Not Likely To Survive the First Engagement With Paris:

Today, which is Thursday:

Get on train to Glasgow.
Get to Airport, board plane, sleep on plane.
Arrive in Paris. (Actually, arrive at the airport outside of Paris, and take a bus.)
Check in to hotel, have a shower, blah blah blah.
Take walk down to the Eiffel Tower, cuz my hotel is just down the street from there. (The Eiffel Tower is not the first hit when you search for Eiffel. I'm rather surprised.)
Do super Eiffel Tower Things, and definately find out if that carosel that was there when I was last there is still there. Wow, that's an odd sentence.
Eat something French. Probably snails, cuz I like snails.
Force self to sleep.

Sainte Chappel
Notre Dame
All the things around Notre Dame that I want to do
The Catacombs
The graveyard by the catacombs
The Latin Quarter <--- somewhere in here I have to go see the Tapestry La Dame et L'icorne, which I may be spelling wrong.
Somewhere in there, I need to remember to eat
Hit that club I was talking about, the boat, with the name pirate. Cuz, I'm all about the Pirate.
Then, sleep.

Chartres in the early hours. It's an hour outside of Paris by Train. I am going to have to consider this more carefully, but it's Chartres, how can I miss it?
Do the crazy shopping thingy down the Champes Elysees.
Mail many many things.
Eat something.

Leave Paris. Be sad.

I work Monday morning, because I'm being trained on something or other, yay, but at least I don't have to rush back to work. So I can come home, write obnoxiously gushy blog entries, and post up my pictures. I'm fairly determined to update the blog thingy while I'm in France, because I have this goal on 43 things to update my blog from 10 countries, and it seems relevant.

I'm getting way too punchy here. But oh, I'm so excited!!!


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I don't care I'll say it - A Heritage Pass is so cool. Can't wait to see lots of photos of Paris.

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