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Edinburgh Castle
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So, I had this great plan yesterday. It was even a cunning plan.

See, the past few weeks a bunch of my friends back home in Edmonton have been hitting the festival circut. (Edmonton has about 3749 festivals every summer. Because Edmonton is really boring in the winter.) And I've been writing emails or commenting on blogs with "Oh, I'm so jealous, I wish I could go to Heritage Days/Shakespeare in the Park/Klondike Days/Whatever". As though I'm a big festival goer. (Of those three, for example, I've made it to K-days once in the past five years. For a couple of hours. Me, great on talking about going to festivals, really sucky at the actual attending thereof.)

So, I decided I was Absolutely Positively Nothing Was Going To Stop Me going to the Fringe yesterday morning. No matter what! I would go home, get changed, and go out and see everything that I could, and totally OD on fun! Yes! Great Plan! Marvelous!

I am not that clever some days.

I knew I was in a bad mood. I knew I was overtired. I knew I should probably stay home, eat something wholesome, and get more sleep. But I am nothing if not stubborn, so I insisted on braving the annoying bustrip and the 8 million tourists on the Royal Mile to attempt to do something fun.

Cunning plan, yes?

Anyway, I spent about an hour getting increasingly tense on the Mile before deciding to call it a day and stomp home. Of course, along the way I had to rant about freaking tourist and how I want to move to freaking Iqualiuit or Tuktiuktuk or something so that I can live a life without tourists and blah blah whine whine and did you know if you have a Canadian accent and rant about tourists in Edinburgh people look at you funny?

But, all was not lost, as this lead to three good things:

1) I have tickets to the Tattoo, and will be going in two weeks. I have decided that Tattoo day (which will also be Day Off day), I will hit the Royal Mile and be all touristy and obnoxious, now with more sleep.

2) I picked up a book I ordered about living in Australia, and it is chock full of information and useful stuff.

3) I took a picture of The Castle from Princes Street, and I kinda like how it turned out. Like the comment on my Flickr site, it's more about trying to show the scope of the castle rather than the details.


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