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Signs and Portents

I am suddenly and completely consumed with the idea of running a Star Wars LARP, which someone needs to talk me out of as soon as possible. Not because it's necessarily a bad idea, but because damn it, I have other plans! (But.. but... I think I really just want someone else to run it, cuz I want to play a smuggler.)

It's been a weird week, all things considered. I haven't sat down and gone through the rest of my photos from Paris (there are 300, of which over a hundred are from Chatres), and I keep wanting to. I want to write more about the churches, and about Paris Below, and how that's nothing to do with the Metro system. Stuff like that. Instead, I've been cooking and baking and trying to settle more into this place. It's odd going. They don't have frozen pie crusts here, or frozen juice mix, or... or... probably frozen something else, either.

I'm making a short list of things I must do before I leave Edinburgh. I'm planning a trip out to Stirling some time soon, and I want very much to go out to Glastonbury in October. It's amazing to me... I meet people here who are so blase about the whole thing of seeing these places, and I can't wait for it. But then, I have no interest in West Edmonton Mall, or Fort Edmonton. Gotta put things in perspective.

I'm generally content with the world, but I'm bored at work (god, am I ever bored at work). At least my life outside of work is interesting enough to keep me from completely losing my mind.


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Don't do it, love!

That path to the Dark Side leads! Forever will it haunt your RPing...

Rob, your silly but insightful friend

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