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Things I Did Yesterday, a list, by jo

Things I Did Yesterday, a list, by jo

1. Bought a Digital Camera.

2. Took 534 pictures of my flat.

Of course, you need to read "bought" as "someone bought me", "yesterday" as "on Sunday, over the internet, with two day delivery", and "pictures of my flat" to include one video and a voice over picture that includes speculation on the mating habits of green couches in their natural habitat of the Anna's Apartment Outback.

But other than that, it's all true.

I'm trying to decide if I want to claim I've been covetting a digital camera for a long time now (true) or if I finally broke down and got one because Raven did, and I am nothing if not a follower (also true).

I took the camera to work last night so I could take many many pictures of the churches on my way home (no, that was the stated goal: I am going to take photos of all the churches I pass on the way home, and nothing else!), which took me an extra 45 minutes of walking home time. I am a tourist, see me photograph.

(I keep thinking I need to talk to someone about how to take a good photo, though. I mean, point and click makes things happen, but making nice things happen would be good, too.)

The point of this is that, once I get things set up properly, I should start putting purty pictures up here for everyone to see. Or at least upload them to my flickr site. (You can go there now and see some scans of photos from China, if you care to.)

Tomorrow I'm going to Holy Island, which is Lindisfarne, or so I'm given to understand. I'm trying very hard to keep from squeeing around my apartment. *smile* I get to see a ruined Abbey! YAY! I'm getting on the train just after work, then catching the bus. Basically, the causeway is only open for a bit in the morning and a bit in the afternoon, so unless I feel like taking a boat (or swimming), I have a nice limited window of time.

This weekend is the Con that Diane Duane is going to. I'm trying to be all cool and calm about the fact that she commented on my blog, but I'm failing miserably. *dies and is ded*


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Nifty! So, when are you going to take a picture of yourself and post it? :) (You can do that, you know. There are usually time-delay options on most digital cameras...)


Taking good pictures requires mainly practice and experimenting. Rule of thirds. Divide your desired subject into a gird with thirds. You have nine squares. Put the important focal points as close to the 4 places where the lines cross. Try to get horizons or vertical lines to line up with third lines.

I suggest you sit down and snap a pile of pictures of a few simple objects (try moving yourself more than trying to move them). Don't look at the pictures until you are done. THEN go through them and pick out your favorites. From there you can typically flip through them and go "This one is good for X reason. But this one is good for Y reason. Can I combine them?"

So practice. A lot. That's the only way you'll actually get good.

And away!

Tell ya what -if you post some pics with your Digicam, I'll try posting some from mine.
Ready?? Go!

Drat - Uh, mine are being put off for a moment longer. Gotta prevent an 'accident'....

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