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Twilight in Paris

Did anyone else watch Jem when they were a kid? I watched that show obsessively, and had all of the little tapes you could possible get. Which is relevant here because I had one of their songs in my head for most of my weekend.

Twilight in Paris, City of Lights, it's everything I hoped it would be. Twilight in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, but your face is the only thing I see...

(This became very frustrating very quickly.)

The hotel (which was amazingly nice, although breakfast was way overpriced) was just a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower. I understand that the rooms on the higher floors can even see it, but my room was on the first floor (which means second floor), and the window opened into an internal courtyard. Once I got into Paris and found the place, I walked up the street and then along the river until I could see it.

I remember big green trees in the park around it, and sitting on a bench and just staring in awe at this huge tower of light. I remember huge crowds of people, like standing in the middle of a concert, but it was dark and late on a weekday night. The swirls of French just ran over me, some of them meaningful, but most of them just syllables. I remember seeing the carousel, and wanting to ride it just because I could.

But I also remember being very tired after a very long day (why do I keep making myself travel immediately upon getting off work?), and deciding that food and sleep would probably be better. As I kept telling myself, the tower wasn't going anywhere, and I was close enough to it that I could see it at any time.

The lines were huge, longer than for anything I can remember, and I think I made the right choice. At the risk of sounding terribly blase, I've been to the top of the tower before. Besides, walking through the park, away from the tower, was just as interesting in its own way.

It's like walking through a completely different world. There was barely a spare spot of grass. Lots of couples and families out, staring at the tower and talking and laughing. (At least one couple was talking the term 'young lovers' quite seriously.) It felt like a giant party, and I knew no one would spare me a glance or a thought if I just grabbed my own patch of grass to stare at the tower myself. I was a little taken aback, though, since I wasn't sure what the point was. Hot summer night (and boy, did the heat ever hit me like a wall when I got off the plane), and everyone's idea of fun is staring at a tower?

Thus, I wasn't looking at it when the lightshow began.

I'm glad I went, I'm glad I saw it at night. I know I did that last time, but I don't remember those parts of it, and this was nice and unhurried. I enjoyed what I wanted to, kinda regretted not riding the carousel, and went back to my hotel. (Had an awful salad on the way, but almost everything was closed and I'd forgotten that thon means tuna. Silly girl.)

I'm still all a bit jumbled up, and trying to put all my thoughts in order. Oh well, pictures make a thousand, right?


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Pretty pics Anna!

Nice pictures.

It's always funny and interesting to see what foreign people retain from their visit to your country.

Do/did you enjoy your stay in France, do you plan to visit other spots in our country ?


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