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I'm packing my bag for tomorrow's trip down to Cardiff, and I'm quite enjoying one thing about living in the UK: It is possible to do any city here as a daytrip.

Cardiff will be about an hour long flight. I'm leaving tomorrow morning around 9 a.m. I could do a bunch of things I wanted to do and take the night flight home, and be back sleeping in my own bed by midnight. It would even be a reasonably priced flight.

But, I'm eager to do more than just the big highlights, and I can't stand the idea of being in Wales for such a little time. It was a very close thing, the choice between Edinburgh and Cardiff, and I'm not sure even now if I made the right decision.

Wales has been the country that has captured my imagination the most in recent years. Some time ago I started reading Sharon Kay Penman, and her book Here be Dragons ignited an interest. As well, my favorite teacher, Dr. Epp, spent some of his career at Cardiff before coming to small town Alberta, and for some reason I like the idea of writing him to say I'm there, too. The idea of being able to explore it thoroughly, to be able to learn how to say all those place names....

And tomorrow morning I get to touch down in this city, and I can't tell you how excited I am. I'll be back late Wednesday night.


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