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So, my dear friend Mel has just finished her citizenship test. Although she won't be a Canadian citizen until she's taken the Oath to the Queen, she can soon start enjoying Maple Syrup, saying 'aboot', and listening to Arrogant Worms.

I'll admit it, I don't quite understand it entirely. I mean, don't get me wrong - I love being Canadian. It's marvelous. But I don't understand the desire to give up citizenship of your native land. I don't quite know what happens at that point.

As it is, in order to keep my Canadian citizenship over the next bunch of years, I need to keep paying Canadian taxes (oh yay, with the exchange rate I'm going to get munched) and fill out some paperwork. If I'm not careful, I could have to return to the country as an immigrant. I don't think this is too likely to happen, though.

Then, of course, there's my favorite rapscallion, who is officially a Dutch Citizen now. His passport is all ready and waiting for him. No, he's never lived in Holland, and apparently has only visited there once, but he can proudly carry that passport until he turns 29. Then, apparently, he needs to make his own choices about what he wants.

I don't know what I think, really. I mean, I could, conceivably, settle down here and get my British Citizenship and be a happy little Scottish Lass or whatever. And being a member of the EU could make my longterm life goals a lot easier.

But I *like* Canada. I like being Canadian. I hate that I can't seem to be both.


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Yay! a post about me! *laughs*

To clarify, I'm actually going to have dual citizenship with Canada and the US, unless I get so ..I dunno...annoyed with the US that I decide to officially denounce my citizenship.

For men, I've never felt attached to the US..it was never home for me. I much prefer Canada, and if I did have to give up my US citizenship to have my Canadian citizenship, I would.

Why can't you be both? ..Residency requirements?

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