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Cooking Overseas

So, my breadbook arrived a few weeks ago, and I started baking bread again this weekend. Which would be a good thing, I assume, except for a few minor problems.

First, my breadbook, since it was published in North America, gives all of its cooking temperatures in Faranheit. My oven is in Celcius.

Second, my breadbook gives measurements in as small an amount as 1/16th of a tsp. The smallest I've been able to find in measuring spoons (so far) has been 1/2 of a tsp.

From there, we have the Indian Cookbook I got myself a few weeks ago. That one only gives its measurements in weight, whereas I'm used to things in volume. I guestimated on a few things, did a bit of converstions on a few other things, and yesterday I finally caved and bought a kitchen scale. It seems that here, it's very standard to give weights in cookbooks, not cups or teaspoons or whatnots.

I'm really quite surprised at the things I didn't know about before I left.

In related news: Yummy homemade bread!


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So how goes the cooking anyways?

Much better since you got the staple bread back in your food?

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