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For the past few days, the early mornings and late nights have seen a fog over Edinburgh. It started the morning after the big fireworks display that indicates the end of Festival season here, and it seems to signal the end of summer. It's a thick fog, and it's usually gone in a few hours.

It's very surreal, being in a place where the indications of a season change are so different from home. In Canada right now, I'd be expecting red and gold leaves on trees. Here, it feels like fall, but it doesn't look like it. Sometimes there's a sharp cool breeze off the ocean, but nothing like what I'm used to.

I had a surreal moment the other day, when the issue of winter came up. Well, of global warming, and how that might make winter go as long as five months here.

For those not from Canada, we have four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Just After Winter, and Construction. The idea of living some place where "winter" is a balmly -10 Celcius... It's hard to wrap my mind around.


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