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How I Am A History Fan Girl This Week

How I Am A History Fan Girl This Week, an expanded list, by jo

1. Cardiff Castle did not fascinate me because it has pretty pretty rooms (although it does). Cardiff Castle did not fascinate me because it has a big Norman Keep in the center that you can climb up to the top of (although dude, cool, and I didn't fall off, which is even cooler). Cardiff Castle fascinated me because it had stained glass windows and paintings that depicted the history of the British Monarchy, starting back with the Civil War between Empress Matilda and King Steven, and went from there. A famous painting of Richard III hangs in the library. There are windows showing George of Clarence, who married Isabelle Neville. There are historical footnotes throughout the whole beautiful place, and I went absolutely nuts over every one of them.

2. The guide running the tour made multiple comments about how he thought I was going to start hyperventalating. When the tour was over, he pulled me aside to apologize that there just wasn't enough time to go over all the things I was obviously caught up in, as the tour did not point out a single one of them. They're just little side notes along the way, as I said. Even strangers look at me and think "wow, she's a bit nutty."

3. I am currently in the middle of reading an historic book tracing the lives of Henry VIII's wives. And I'm on the edge of my seat reading this. Please note: I've written essays on this topic, I've read about a dozen books on it, there are sections that are quoted that I've seen so often I'm able to know what they say before I get to the end, and yet... totally caught up in it. Oh my, will Henry get the divorce and be able to legally wed Anne before the baby? What will happen to Catherine? And poor little Mary, will she be branded a bastard? I'm turning the pages as quickly as I can. I hope that Anne gives birth to a boy.

4. I wrote the author of said book to tell her that I am madly, deeply and truly in love with her, and am now going to go out and buy all her historic books. Because they are just that well written.

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