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So, I spent most of yesterday convinced I was going to die unemployed and unloved and that I was going to be doomed to a life of eating catfood. Because I get melodramatic like that.

Now I have four job interviews booked for the next two business days.



Anyway. I have become suddenly very grateful for having MT instead of blogger now. For example, today I was going through the log file for my entries (just out of curiosity, because I am really.really.bored and heaven's forfend I do something useful with my time), and it turns out there are a *lot* of spam sites wanting to leave comments on my blog entries. And MT keeps blocking them with one of its plugins. Yay MT!

And I discovered that the highest score for finding my blog is no longer "cornacopia", but "wife wanted". I think someone must be disappointed.

I've done a lot of things in Scotland over the past few weeks, but I want to finish writing everything up about France first. But, I hit Holyrood, Kelso, did the Ghost Tour that I already wrote about, and last night was a Pub Crawl with the local University Gaming Group. It was fun, but in a way kinda disturbing: gamers come in archetypes. Which I kinda already knew, but was disturbed to have confirmed.

But oh, I am looking forward to Sunday, which is when I'll see them all again. Yay!

Next week is Cardiff, and I'm trying to imagine a world where I'd be in Edmonton and travelling this much. I somehow don't see that happening.


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Just out of curiosity, how do you find out what search words are being used to find your blog?

Good luck with the job interviews and don't worry about the future. I'll always love you employed or not but eating cat food is the deal breaker. Fish breath - eech.

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