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And so here I am thinking "Gee, I haven't even finished talking about France yet, and I'm leaving for Kelso on Friday. Damn it, I need to write faster."

Kelso, which has a slightly less informative website than Lindisfarne, is a small place along the Scottish Borders that happens to hit three out of my four major historic kinks. It's got ruins, which are religious, and a cemetery. If it has statues of women on walls, I'm all there and aquiver. *grin*

(I said this to the people at work and they're all staring at me like I've grown an extra head. I haven't quite figured out how much of that is because none of them have any desire to go to Kelso, and how much of it is because none of them get as all excited about historic sites as I do. Either way, being the "strange one" at work isn't something new to me And I still don't understand how these people can be living in the UK and not be all excited about the history all over the place. *sigh*)

Anyway, I have about a million more photos from France that I'm slowly putting up, and quite a few more little stories to tell. I'm hoping to catch up with it all by the end of the week.


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Anna, when Raven's relatives came to visit us from Holland, they couldn't understand how we could live next to such beautiful mountains and not be all excited about them.

It's all perspective.


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