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I missed out on two things that I wanted to do in Paris: The catacombs and the Pirate Boat dancing place. The Catacombs I missed because I cut things way too close, and didn't manage to find the place before it closed. I regret it on some level, but on others... c'est la vie, as they say. It's not like Paris it that far from here. One could do it in a daytrip if one wanted to.

(One would likely be very tired and stressed, though, so this one is not going to do that.)

I did, however, manage to make it out to Montparnasse Cemetery.

I will admit, I'd never heard of it before my guidebook. I've been out to Pere Lachaise, and recall being awed by the various graves. I wasn't into Jim Morrison, but the people I travelled with took at least a roll of film worth of pictures of his grave. I remember watching an episode of Highlander: the Series where the cemetery was featured, and feeling that sudden rush of remembrance.

But, Montparnasse seemed to be less of a tourist attraction, which made it more interesting to visit. There is a map of the graveyard available, and it is a place that a lot of people visit. I spent about an hour out there, just walking through one small section and taking a bunch of photos. The only famous grave I visited was that of Jean-Paul Satre and his lover, Simone. It was, as seems typical of graves of famous and tragic figures, covered in notes, flowers, and (strangely) metro tickets. Lots and lots of metro tickets.

I enjoy cemeteries, and I considered it time well spent, but by the time I was done there, I was exhausted. It had been a busy day of walking and touring and looking at things and falling in love with this city all over again. Instead of going out dancing, I limped my way back up to the area around Notre Dame, found a lovely restaurant to indulge myself in excellent French Food, and headed back to my hotel. (Well, after a bit more browsing through the shops along the way. *grin*)

I fell asleep, and slept like the dead.


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