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Note to Self

Dear Self,

Look, I know you're panicking about being unemployed. But try to keep at least a few things in mind:

1) You've been looking since Monday. It's only Wednesday, and you had two people call you up for interviews already. That's not bad, considering that you're no longer applying in your usual market of "Customer Service" and focusing on the chance to work in an office environment.

2) You have enough money put aside that, even though you're taking a trip to Cardiff next week, you could do just fine not working a day between now and December 31st, and that's several months away. And you probably could last longer than that, if you really tightened your belt.

3) There are about a million and a half call centers in this city. If you can't find a job by the end of September, just apply at one of them. You have experience, and were promoted once and got a raise twice in a year. You'll be fine.

Just... stop freaking out, okay? It makes it hard to get anything else done, and you start dithering and then all you want to do is play Civ III instead of looking for work. And that's bad. Stop doing it.


PS: Stop slapping chickens to death in Dungeon Keepers II afer dubbing them "Kenny". Not only is it childish, it's freaking out your family.


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Now I may be incorrect on this, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong....

But isn't one of the conditions of the working holiday visiting visa thingie that you got over there on that you -NOT- work for a period of time?


The photos of the cemetary are wicked sweet cool. What were you doing touring a cemetary?

Stop it Trouble...you know what i mean. This is the blue guy talking over here, don't make me come over there and lavish copious amounts of attention upon you. We'll both be unemployed and I'll start mimicking people's accents...it won't be pretty. On the other hand, keep slapping the chickens, it releives stress. Oh, and the game thing is fun too. ;)

slapping chickens... classic.

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