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PSA: Vote for Mark!

My very dear friend, Mark Cappis, is up for a job at Sonic 102.9!

Mark, aka The Scarecrow, was voted Primitive Radio God at Augustana, which is where we met. While there, he hosted Chaos in a Box, his excellent weekly radio show, and found in himself a passion for all things radio related. After spending a year in Japan teaching English, he came back to Edmonton, went to NAIT for a year, and got his Radio Personality Something or other. (Because, although I adore him, I can't for the life of me remember what his degree is in. Because I *suck*.)

And now, he's up for a covetted newscaster job at Sonic!

Why am I telling you this? Because, according to their website, they are letting listeners pick a Wildcard Spot for one of their finalists in the news divison. And I want YOU to listen to Mark, encourage him, and vote for him when the time arises! (And, if you can, pimp it on your own blog/website, because votes can come in from anywhere, and you can listen to it all online, and because frankly, Scarecrow rocks and you should be reading his stuff anyway.)

Mark talks about the radio spots he recorded for this here, and you can listen to his "spot", although it's a slow load on my computer. (It's an mp3 file.)

I'm sure Mark will blog about the whole experience. (Yes, Mark, that's a hint.) His day on the radio (if you're in Edmonton) is the morning of Wednesday, October 5. Listen to him, tell him he's wonderful, and when the chance comes up (which is later in the month): Vote Scarecrow!


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