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Red and White and Sore All Over

Oh dear lord....

I thought I was doing really well. I mean, I do a lot of walking on my trips. I keep forgetting I have limitations, and just go all over the place, chasing after anything that captures my fancy. I forget, on a regular basis, that I will feel it in the morning.

But yesterday I was fine. No real sore spots, nothing really aching more than the typical "after a good workout" aching from Cardiff. I figured everything would be okay, that I was getting more endurance after all.

I am so cute when I'm wrong.

Today, I'm not sure if my legs are ever going to forgive me. I hurt. It was a struggle to get from the bed to the computer, and the computer is only in the next room.

I also managed to get my first sunburn when travelling. It's a funny story, that. Everyplace else I've travelled, I've brought my beloved floppity sun hat. And, everytime I've travelled, it's kept my glasses from getting covered in water. On the way out the door on Tuesday, I looked at my hat (still a bit damp from the last time I'd been out - oh, my optimism about the weather in this country!) and decided to leave it behind.

Which meant Wales was the first place I've travelled to where it didn't rain or get cloudy the whole time.

(It was, however, cloudy when I left Edinburgh. It was also cloudy and raining when I came back. I do adore this country, but it is a wee bit damp.)

I have a lovely sunburn (complete with racoon eyes of white) all over my face, and parts of my arms are not the lovely white they usually are. It's... surreal, to put it mildly. I've been avoiding the sun as much as possible for years, because I like being pale. (Helps with my goth cred, don'tcha know.)

Ah well. At least it made the views from the top of the castle spectacular. And although my face is feeling very warm, it doesn't hurt. It's just... red. All the time.



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i have never been to wales and not have it rain.

damn you!

More papertowel stat!

"Racoon eyes of white" - Anna you temptress!

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