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Seasonal Culture

I think the strangest thing about living in a new country (or province, for that matter) is how the seasons are different than one is used to. Right now, I'm looking at photos from people back in Canada that have the leaves bright red and orange and yellow, and hearing stories about the crunching sound when you walk and the bite of cold in the air.

Here, the leaves on the trees behind the building are still bright and vivid green, and there's no sense that they'll be falling any time soon.

I always associate "school starting" with leaves and that first bite of winter. I was rather shocked to see the kids in their uniforms (a lot more of them than I ever saw back in Canada) so "early". It's not fall yet, what are they doing back in school?

I suspect that, when I get to Australia and New Zealand, I'll be so confused I'll forget to function, and just swelter in the hot summer heat while wearing a Christmas sweater.


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I found it odd when I moved here how late the trees turned green and how early fall starts. Where I grew up, the trees were green well into October.

I also found the differences in the amount of light very disorienting. ...it's...scary.

Ahh, happy flashbacks to Japan, when December rolled around and I was treated to a frigid Kumagaya winter. Some days, the mercury dropped as low as 8 degrees! I kept working in short sleeves and people thought I was nuts.

You haven't experienced Xmass until you've spent it in boardshorts and a singlet with your back as sunburnt red as Rudolph's nose!

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