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Cooking for the British

I had an ICQ conversation with a friend a few days ago where she brought up that she'd made Rhubarb Pie. I love a good Rhubarb Pie, and started craving it like crazy (thanks Kristi), and so when I found one in the store the next day, I knew I had to have it.

I believed, deep in my soul, that it would be a yummy Rhubarb Pie, full of yummy goodness, just like the ones I made a few summers ago. I felt this would be true.

I'm so cute when I'm wrong.

British Cooking is... difficult to explain. The Pie, for example, had a thick crust, like a meat pie might. Most of the pie was crust, with very little filling. This just isn't appealing to me, being used to flaky light crusts, some of which you can see through.

Then there's the whole deep fat fried thing. You can get anything deep fat fried here, although it's harder to find things made out of chocolate. I'm determined to make sure all of my visitors over the next few months come out with me for a Deep Fat Fried Mars Bar. I think it's a unique experience, but not neccesarily one that people would want to repeat.

Another day, I complained to the girls at the grocery store that I couldn't find big bags of flour. I like the bake, and going through a 2 kg bag every week is getting frustrating. The girl behind the customer service desk turned out to be from St Albert (heh - it's just outside Edmonton), and she and I bonded over a lack of good baking supplies in the country. "They just don't bake things from scratch here," she explained. "They buy mixes instead." So, I guess I keep hauling fresh bags of flour every week.

I also have a hard time finding things that I would think easy to find back home. Can't think of any examples off the top of my head, but for those who are curious, "Corn Starch" is "Corn Flour" here. And they keep things in the ethnic food section that I wouldn't expect to find there, like spagetti sauce.

Ah well. At least supper tonight was tasty, even if "frozen pie crust" doesn't exist here.


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In answer to your points...

Rhubarb Pie is Evil, Evil I tell you!!

We don't eat deep fried mars bars, although we do encourage the tourists to think so...

Frozen Pie Crust does exists, far end of the frozen section in a large sainsburys.

Flour in big bags, "Real Foods" on Broughton Street.

Corn Flour and Corn Starch arn't actually the same, but close enough that nobody cares.

Another suggestion for the Australian leg of your trip. A Pie Floater from Harry's Cafe de Wheels on the harbour at Woolloomooloo, Sydney. It's a institution.

rhubarb pie, fully fabulous, ruhubarb snow is even better, expecially with ginger nuts... (the biscuits...)

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