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One of the problems with living the way I do is that sometimes, it's just not worth the effort to cook something. This is especially true (for me at least) when it comes to meat. I crave meat. It's my favorite part of being human. I love all kinds of meat, and I'll try it all. Even chicken feet and pigs ears.

But, as I said, it's a lot of effort to cook that sort of stuff for one person, whereas your usual pasta dish or quick cheese sandwich will satisfy the need for food much easier and quicker. I'll go weeks without having any meat, which usually leads to some sort of problem.

In China, about once a month I'd go crazy with cravings for beef. I'd make trips into Nanjing or Shanghai just to get something with cow. It became a ritual of my visits to Shanghai. The bus dropped off three blocks from a McDonald's, and I'd make a beeline for it. I'd order whatever burger appealed that day (usually adding cheese, since I never did find any in Jiangyan), linger over it for as long as I could, then go find whatever hostel or hotel I'd decided to stay in that night. I usually would be fine without that sort of food for the rest of my stay, until the following month where I'd repeat some form of the ritual again.

Today being the last part of the Thanksgiving weekend back home, I've been reading various blog posts from friends about eating turkey dinners and having too much gravy and potatoes and the like, and the old cravings came back on me. But, since I didn't want to cook myself a whole turkey, I decided to make due with a quick run to the local KFC.

Quick random Anna Fact: I have worked for KFC. It is very very very rare that I get a craving for the actual chicken because of that. Now the gravy... mmm.... And yeah, I know how bad it is for you. I shall not go into the KFC Gravy Milkshake Story today.

So, today I went to the KFC and ordered a two piece meal, just enough to deal with the craving, not too much so as to make me ill.

You see, McDonald's is where the meals are almost entirely the same no matter where you are (although with local touches on the menu, like the Teriyaki Burger that Mark fell in love with in Japan). I've had McDonald's in Canada, the US, China, France and Scotland. It all tastes the same. KFC, however, doesn't do this. KFCs seem to be much more localized.

And thus, in Canada, KFC has gone away from the greasiness, as much as deep fat fried chicken can. But I'm in Scotland. Land of the Deep Fat Fried Mars Bar. Where a Scottish Breakfast isn't considered complete if it isn't dripping in fat. And KFC hasn't walked away from that into something one can pretend is healthy.

The chicken was so greasy it sparkled in the light. The gravy was so thick it could have pretended to be a gravy milkshake without any extra help. It was so unhealthy I could feel my arteries hardening just by looking at it.

Damn was it good.

I'm feeling a bit ill now, but I'm also feeling a lot better. Craving for meat satisfied for another month.

But I think next time, I'll just order a chicken sandwich from Tescos.


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in fact, apparently KFC in India (which died pretty soon after coming in) was very similar to KFC in the US, while McDonald's has had so many localisation innovations (and is doing so well) that I doubt you'd recognise it! (for starters there's no beef) though I believe KFC in India sucked cause it was real bad.

* the'apparently's and 'i believe's are coourtesy me being a vegetarian. yes yes I know, how can i? (but then there are no meat cravings!:)

The KFC in Poland had funny coating on it. The KFC in france is the best I have ever had.
It is hard to think about the meat cooking when there are not many of you...oooh McDonalds...see you later, have to go eat something...

KFC in South East Asia is terrible, Macca's is not much better but the Burger King is ok. I get the steak cravings too and are always on the look out for a decent steak place. Usually you will find them in the expat areas rather than the tourist areas.

PS There used to be a fantastic place in Brisbane, Australia called Carnivore.

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