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Cunning Plan

I had a cunning plan while I was in Paris.

I actually had two cunning plans, but one of them is so amazingly cunning and will actually make me money and stuff, and thus, I don't want to put it up on the internet incase it is stolen by some other, even more cunning person. Because me? All about the cunning plans.

Anyway, here is the cunning plan I can write about:

See, while I was in Paris, I fell madly in love with these crepes you can get everywhere. They're filled with a lot of different things: brown sugar, nutella, peanut butter, bananas, whatever. I loved the nutella-banana ones. (See picture in blog post below this one.) They're great, they're wonderful, and they would make so much money on the streets of Edmonton.

So, here's the cunning plan:

I rush off to France again, and get a job working at one of these crepe places. (How much French would I have to learn, anyway? Crepe, Banane, nutella. There we go!) And I learn the secret techniques for making perfect yummy crepes filled with nutella. Then, in the middle of the night, I steal the recipe, rush off to the airport, and wing my way back to Canada, on the run from the French police for stealing crepe recipes. (Can you see that being a serious offense in France?) Then, on the run from the police as an International Pastry Fugitive, I'll go to Klondike Days (It's a fair held every year in Edmonton) and sell my yummy French Crepes (with nutella!) for lots of money! Which I will need to quickly flee Edmonton when the French Police catch up with me.

See, cunning plan!

In something that may be related news, I think I've come down with something. I have a fever.


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I want Nutella. I want Nutella NOW!!

God that looked good...

The great crepe caper! It happens like this: you come back to Canada, make a fortune selling Nutella crepes, get deported back to France to face charges of cross-border trading, make a few mill on book deals and movie rights, get released on good behavior and live a sun y life in, well, some place sunny with many sun screen wielding men. I think this is a wonderful plan and I'll help with some pointers:

Banana: Banane
Crepe: well it's the same thing but with a funny roof over the first 'e'
Nutella: This one stays the same too. See, French is easy!

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