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I will say that Linlithgow was marvelous, and I had an amazing time. I will also say that, in some twisted way, I'd like to go someplace and not be awed and excited and overwhelmed about what I saw, just because the change would be nice. I do love this country, and it never fails to impress me in some way.

I will also say that it's nice to work with people who, upon hearing I'm going to a castle, think that it's great and hope I have a marvelous time.


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linlithgow...linlithgow...i know what you mean about that name...

Hi, I found you on Saira Kahn's blog from London. Anyway, I've been reading about you and you are quite intriguing with all the moving and such! I've always wanted to visit Edinburgh.. My husband is in a band and he tours through the UK frequently... So anyway, hello from Manhattan!

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