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Lost but not Stranded...

Every time I live in a city with a bus system, I have this great plan. I think that I'll just get on a bus one day, and ride it until the end of the route. Then, I'll get off that bus, get on whatever bus is available, and ride that one to the end of its route. And so on, until I get back home, or get bored, or something. I keep thinking this will be a great way of seeing the city.

I haven't done it, though, so it's all just conjecture.

Today I did something at least in the same idea as that. Instead of taking my usual and very direct bus route home from work, I hopped on a different bus that eventually ends up a few blocks away from here. I figured, what's the worst that could happen? At least it'll be something new on the bus, and it's not like I had hot Friday night plans. (Those are tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Black Lion!)

The bus ended up weaving its way through sections of Edinburgh I've never seen. The area that I live in has recently been redeveloped, and everything in it is either very very new, or very much in need of repair. This area that I took the bus through had that sense of being very old, and very settled. The houses looked different, and the streets had a different look and feel to them. The bus went by many (many many many) churches that had that sense of history to them that I love in old buildings.

The trees... It's like parts of Edinburgh are in a time zone, really. Some of the trees are slowly shedding their red and yellow leaves, while others are still in bright green like the height of summer. Sometimes, the two types are right next to each other.

I sometimes think of Edinburgh as a very small city - it has only half the people that Edmonton does. But sometimes the size of this city creeps up on me. It's got this big hill in the middle, you see, and everything spreads out from there in strange waves and patterns that must be fascinating from the air.

It took me about three times as long to get home as it usually does, but I came home content. This city has so much to offer visually and culturally. I know I'd never do anything like this, or appreciate it if I did, back in Edmonton. One lives in a country, and doesn't see it anymore. I appreciate and love Scotland as much as I do because I'm not from here, and everything I see is with new eyes.


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I love reading your entries, Anna... I can live vicariously through you until one day I actually go somewhere other than here. :) How are you? I haven't heard from you lately.

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