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More About Mark

So, as I said before, my friend Scarecrow is up for a job at Sonic. Now he's got a chance at the Wildcard Slot, but only if he has votes for it. Voting doesn't actually take place until October 14.

So, check out Mark's Vote For Mark website.

Here's something else you can do if you're in Edmonton (from Mark):
Right now, I'm also seriously considering having a "Vote for Mark" rally in the Sonic parking lot, on Saturday the 15th, right in the middle of voting. Of course, I won't do that unless I can get about 20 people out to it...you know, make a good showing for the TV cameras. So, if you think you can grab a couple of friends and meet me in the Sonic parking lot next Saturday...that'll be a go.

If you're interested, please let him know, through his blog or emailing him at mark@chaosinabox.com.

Vote Mark! Yay Mark!


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Opps stuffed up the vote because it was too early. Not to worry I'll vote at the appropriate time.

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