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More about Mark

Got this in the email from Mark today.

Just when you thought I'd finally quited myself about this whole Sonic newscaster thing....

THE POLLS ARE NOW OPEN!! Right now, you can go vote for me in their wildcard spot so maybe, just maybe, I'll still be in the running.

To vote, all you have to do is go to this page and click on CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!

Polls are open until 6PM on Sunday night (in Edmonton). So please, get out there and vote!

Remember everyone: Mark Cappis is the winner of the Primitive Radio God Award handed out at Augustaana. And, he's my friend, and he's good at this and it makes him happy. That's a lot of things to remember, so instead, I'll just say: Vote for Mark!


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Thank you for the plug!

Voted! Good luck Mark.

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