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Something a little off...

I popped into the grocery store last night (in a search for sour cream, which I finally found! Yay!) and noticed some a bit strange on the section for Halloween.

Now, as I said before, they don't really do Halloween here, so the shelfs are not groaning with tons of bags of candy, there are not tacky halloween costumes everywhere (although there are in a lot of places), and for the most part, the thing I see crowding the shelves is Christmas cards. But, I had this great idea to have a small halloween party involving pumpkins, and thought I'd take a look at what they had.

They do, in fact, have pumpkins to carve, which isn't the weird thing, of course.

It's the jackolantern carved turnips that stuck me as a bit odd.

Have I mentioned today that I love this country?


We always used to carve turnips in Europe - pumpkins are a North American thing :)