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Speaking of Halloween

This is funny.

I used to read Shauna all the time when I was in China, but lost the link and lost the net and all that jazz, so finding her again and seeing that the man she was just beginning to date when I last read things is now the man she is/has/will marry has been a delight.

Related comment:

Me: I'd love to have you over for halloween night. There will be candy and cookies and lousy movies and general fun and sillines, wanna come?

Him: Sure! I'd love to. When is it?

Me: Halloween.

Him: Great! When's that?

Me: *sigh*

ETA: Are you an ex-pat blogger interested in trying something new with your blog? I have a cunning idea that might be a lot of fun, if you're interested, with a minimum of work. Drop me an email, or comment here, and I'll send you the details. Asking for details does not constitute any commitment from you.


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That's a cute story. I was amazed at the lack of Halloween stuff here my first year in Australia!

I'd be interested to hear about this idea you mentioned. Although I only have a week to go before I'm away from regular internet access for three months...

You know I'm up for anything involving nudity. It does involve nudity doesn't it?

interested interested-....with multiple blogs running and pretending to work, but still- interested:)

So what's that idea then?

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