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The Morning After the Night Before

This entry is about the amazingly good time I had last night. If you're here to read about the ex-pat stuff, this isn't really relevant. But damn, it was fun.

(Also good for blackmail material later on in life, and probably my role playing friends will get a good kick outta it.)

So, last night was the Black Lion 7th Birthday Bash. Black Lion is the gaming store owned by the Mythical Game Store Owner LiAm, the one who actually likes gamers. I know, shocking, isn't it?

They rented out the top floor of a pub, and the first part of the evening was various people at various tables playing various games. I got roped into a game of Apples to Apples, tentatively hosted by the talened Lucy, who kept running off in the middle of the hand to talk to people and have a good time. It got funny, because the person who was "in charge" of each hand would figure out which card was Lucy's first, and flip that over automatically because she wasn't there to defend it.

(Apples to Apples is a game where the person whose turn it is picks a green card with an adjective on it, like "witty" or "spunky" or something. Each other person tosses a card face down on the table that they think matches that adjective, and then everyone argues over which one is the most like the green card. Much shouting and carrying on ensues.)

Part way through the game, Jamie said something very witty... damned if I can remember, but I responded with "You're wonderful, marry me!" He thought about it for a moment, then shrugged and said "sure!" Lucy came back around that point, and married us in a formal ceremony as President of GEAS. The oaths were that he agreed to keep me in a state of high alcohol consumption all night, and I agreed to never mention it again (to him - because really, what is a blog about except writing embrassing stories in?). The best part was when I looked at him for a moment and said, "Wait, wait, what's your name again?"

The main attraction of the night was the game of Gregor's Dancing Bingo. The "rules" are like this: everyone gets in groups of two. They're given a list of "dance moves" - the Macarena, the Natural 20, the Baywatch, stuff like that. You write them in any order you want on your grid of 16 squares. Then, as the music plays, each type is pulled out of a hat, and shown to Gregor, who attempts to dance it. If you guess what he's dancing when he's dancing it - kudos to you, because it's usually very strange. Then, the caller says what it is. If you have four in a row on your sheet, you and your partner jump up and shout "Gregors Dancing Bingo!!!!!!"

If there's a tie, there's a dance-off between the two winning groups, where they have to try the dance moves in True Gregor Style.

There were two games. Each game, somehow, ended up in a tie.

The prizes were wonderful - things Liam had been roped into buying years ago when he first started the store, and hadn't come off the shelf since (sounding familiar to me). And, well... one can see why. The first dance off (between a group later called The Dancing Queens and another group called The Swedish Blondes) ended with the Dancing Queens winning a copy of a game in German called Dino Yagr. All rules in German. That lead to a dance off over which one of them would have to take the damned thing home. Much shirtless manflesh followed.

Second game lead to a dance off between the Dancing Queens and... um... me and my newly appointed husband for the evening.

I won't go into too many details, except to mention that at this point I was far drunker than I realized until trying to stand up, and that the Baywatch is very hard to do in that state. The Freestylin' dance moves were supposed to be a Tango, but the music just didn't work so I grabbed Jamie's hand and lead him in a good Jive. It was fun.

Before the winner of the second Danceoff could be announced, there was Happy Birthday to sing, and Cake to be eaten (good cake, too!). I wish I'd gotten pictures of Liam holding the knife to cut the cake, but a lot of other people did, so I'm sure I'll see them at some point.

Then, we were asked to redo our Freestyling Dancing. (Lucy was getting some sort of Girlish Glee out of this, I'm certain. Damn that woman's evil.) The Dancing Queens did their air guitar again, and we once again Jived our way around the room.

It came down to a vote, of course.

I'm now the proud owner of World Cup France 98 Edition Monopoly! (In English!) There are many many pictures of me clutching this to my breast in girlish glee, grinning like a madwoman.

Liam tells me that he put that game up on EBay for three weeks at 99 cents and couldn't get the damned thing to sell.

Gregor was awared a Boxing Match game entirely in German, the very last thing from the Box Of Stuff That Liam Can't Sell or Raffle Off, and things began to wrap up. Good-byes were said, games were clutches, and plans were made to go to some dance club I'm not positive actually exists were made. (I should assume it exists, because I went, and there was much dancing, screaming, singing, and carrying on there, and it was much fun, but I'm certain we stepped sideways into Edinburgh Below or something, because the whole thing had a very strange feel to it, and it is two storeys below 'ground level' Edinburgh. I intend to go again.)

I had a great time, I met many people (there are lots of girls named Kat or Cat in GEAS), and I lost my hearing for several hours. My throat is still sore from screaming songs at the top of my lungs.

Can't wait till the 8th Year Birthday Bash.

And yes - there will be pictures. Just gotta get them off my camera. I'll let you know when they're up.


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Sounds most amusing. If I'm in Edinburgh next year around that time, perhaps I'll beg you to bring me as your date.

What a fantastically different night out. Gregor's Dancing Bingo sounds like a must for any gathering.

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