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The Past

You wanna know what I love most about Scotland this week? (This week, because I'm fickle that way... what I love most about Scotland might be different tomorrow.)

Free frickin' museums.

The theory, as I understand it, is that the museums belong to the Scottish people. A lot of the exhibits have been given as gifts to Scotland, and thus, people can see them for free.

Damn I wish Canada would adopt this policy.

Special exhibits do cost money, though, and this weekend I shelled out a mere five pounds to see the amazing Nicholas and Alexandria: the last Czar of Russian exhibit. I've been meaning to go since the first time I saw the advertising several months ago (as Russian history is a pet obsession of mine), and I finally got the chance to do it.

Museums in Scotland seem to have a much better idea on how to set up an exhibit compared to Edmonton. (I say Edmonton, becaused I've been to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and they know what they're doing, so crappy museums might just be an Edmonton thing.) It was beautifully laid out, it had interesting and informative text, it didn't overwhelm you with information or pretty baubles. It explained everything so someone who didn't know what was going on would be able to follow through, with added stuff so that those who know a lot about it can be pleasantly surprised.

I will admit to flaws: bottleknecking because of the way the space was laid out and the popularity of the exhibit on a Saturday, and a tendancy to use video a bit more than I would like. But overall, I loved the exhibit, and I highly recommend it. It gives me much bliss because I can pop over to the museum at any time and see the rest of the place, and it strikes me as a great way to spend an afternoon next time I'm bored.

(Which, of course, I tried to do today between when I started this entry and now. I didn't make it that far - got distracted by wonderful shops - which means that this is when I finally got a callback about a job I wanted. *sigh*)


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