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This is Halloween

In an effort to enjoy the season as much as I can, I went off to the Edinburgh Dungeon the other day. It was full of campy fun, although the lineups are horrible and it's rather hard to take a 'haunted house' seriously when 10 year olds are in the room with you.

The best part was the Mirror Maze. I love Mirror Mazes, but they're rarely done very well. This was oustanding. The way the mirrors were positions, you'd see people in other corridors reflected in the mirror, and think you could go through it. You'd never see yourself until you were right on top of yourself. Even people directly behind me couldn't see me or themselves in the mirror, and wouldn't know what had started me until they saw it, too. More than once, I had to reach out and touch the mirror, and at one point I saw two girls who looked very similiar reaching out to touch each other to make sure they weren't reflections. Outstanding! I would totally go again.

I'm a little anxious about Halloween. It's my favorite holiday - I get to be all crazy and wear costumes and generally be silly and have fun. My understanding, though, is that they don't really celebrate it here. I could be wrong, of course, but that's the impression I've gotten. There's Bonfire Night coming up soon after that, but I only have some random ideas on what that involves. I really should ask someone.

I've also found out that they don't really do the Rocky Horror Picture Show here, which surprised me. It's such a big thing in Edmonton, happening several times during the year. It never occured to me that other big cities wouldn't do it. But, alas, no Rocky Horror here. And although I've considered hosting a Rocky Horror night, it strikes me as a bad idea - I can never remember all the words and silliness, and I'd hate to have to clean up all that rice.

Ah well. Over all, it's been an interesting week. Because of yesterday's job interview, I haven't been able to go out on any temp jobs. (They're only offering me things now that are at least a week long - I'm apparently good. Yay?) It's been a quiet week, and I wish I could say "Oh, and I did lots of exploring around Edinburgh and exciting things and stuff!", but I didn't. I read lots of books, and considered how I want to decorate my apartment, and felt guilty for not doing anything interesting. Cuz I'm weird that way.

As for the job interview (thanks for everyone who asked!), it went... eh. It went okay. I was interviewed by a professional interviewer, which means I have no idea how to read her at all. People who don't make a career out of recruiting are so much easier to figure out. So, I think I gave all the right answers, but I won't know for another two weeks. If it works out, I'll get called in for a third (or is it fourth?) interview, where I'll do a day in the bank, working next to someone and figuring out if I'm good for the job. If that goes well, I'll start in six or seven weeks after that.

Thank goodness for me, the temp jobs are coming in fairly strongly. Just got another call five minutes ago for a job. It's kinda surreal.


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