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Another Carnival!!

So, in related news:

There's a Winter Carnival here! I'm so excited... no one told me they had Winter Carnival's in Edinburgh. I mean, I knew about Hogmanay, which is their New Year's Eve thingy, but this is great! There's a Ferris Wheel and a Carousel and a Skating Rink. But, no snow.

Tonight is the lighting of the Big Tree in the Princes Street Gardens, which I'm also very excited about, and then I'm going to shop at the German Marketplace that opens up tonight, too.

I know, I'm six years old, but still. It's all nice and wonderful, right?

In kinda related news... I'm really looking forward to being in Australia at this time next year. I'm trying to decide if the shorter days are what makes me down at this time of year, or if it's the run-up to Christmas, but lately I just have no energy.

And at least in Australia I won't be hearing "Oh, it's so cold!" at +5 celcius. Because last time I checked, it was +36.

I'm gonna die.


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The short days kill me every year. All I want to do is crawl away and hibernate until March. Keep going, only another 5 weeks and the trend will start to reverse.

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