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Candy Candy Candy

Meanwhile, over on the Canadian Expat Blog, I'm trying to encourage people to tell me what they call the pink stuff...

I have been informed that Sinter Klaas is coming. It's a Dutch thing, and I don't really understand it, and it has somethig to do with cookies being made out of bad children. Which makes me wonder what would induce children to eat them, but I've had this peeping newton stuff (not how it's really spelled, yes, I know), and it's far too yummy to be made out of icky icky bad children who don't wash.

The point is that some kind woman (Hi Margery!) is sending me chocolate letters for Sinter Klaas because... um... that's what you do for Sinter Klaas, I guess.

And eat cookies made out of bad children, I suppose.


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