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Canrival of Expats III: Homesick

Once again a bit late - this new job is not making it possible for me to post at 7:30 in the morning, as that's when I have to be on the bus!

Between packing for Singapore and getting hangovers, Phil writes this touching and very true missive:

There seems to be two basic personality types that love being an expat. 1) Those who run towards the future. 2) Those who run away from past. There is certain freedoms that being expat automatically gives you. The odd benefit being, nobody knows you. Let me repeat that in the personal form. Nobody here knows me. Nobody here knows ME.


While Don, over in Scotland, writes about what makes him homesick, as well as how he chooses to deal with it.

I find that homesickness and loneliness go hand in hand for me. The times when homesickness strikes are invariably when I am feeling most isolated. Usually this is tied closely to having too much time on my hands. If I’m too busy to think about it then I probably won’t notice being homesick.

{Ponderings from Afar}

In France, Pumpkin Pie writes on how Homesickness Has No Cure, and how keeping in touch and accepting that can be helpful.

Because of my past experience with homesickness I knew it would visit me soon when I moved to France but no person can prepare themselves for what it will feel like or what you will miss. The first time it hit me so hard I sat in the car sobbing and my husband just held me. He understood because he had lived in America for over two years and I had witnessed his bouts of homesickness.

{From My French Window}

And, on this side of the Chunnel, I write about catching that glimpse of someone who isn't really your friend, but looks like it, and how that throws off your whole day, sometimes.

Dealing with it varies, and depends. Some days I shrug it off, reminding myself that I'm experiencing things that my friends back home envy, that I'm going to see new and exciting things, that I can see a freaking castle from my window at work. I remember these things and I smile. You gotta concentrate on the good things.

{Anna Overseas}

Thanks again for all the responses, I hope Amber reads them and it helps her in her experiences!

As of December 16th, Phil will take over hosting duties for a while.


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Today it is going to be 11C here in Edmonton. Tomorrow, warmer.

As an ex-pat of England living in your home town, I get an interesting bit of homesickness reading your blog. I followed your exploits in China - less of a connection there, of course, heh - but I've been to Edinburgh and I miss every part of being back home.

I was surprised to read that our freaky winter isn't local to Edmonton - there have been signs of spring around the UK. Very odd.


Morpheus mate - you have to write a post about an expat in Anna's hometown!

Anna great job organising as usual. I can do the hosting earlier if it helps.

Thanks for this round-up. I cam across Phils blog by accident, but all of these posts are amazing.
You know that I think about these things a great deal too, but it great to see that other ex-pats feel pulled in different directions too.
Have a great week Anna!

oh man...no time to write this one. aargh....

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