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Carnival 2: All About Food

This week's carnival asked expats to write about their most interesting food experience while living overseas.

From My French Window cried "I Ate Bunny!", in a post full of explanations and grief about accidently eating rabbit meat in the hospital.

His response to my confession to having unknowingly eaten an adorable bunny was that he knew about the lapin (rabbit) but he thought if he told me I would not eat. HE HAD READ THE DOOR and did not warn me! Fine. Fine. Fine. NO...NOT FINE! Then why in the world did you not bring me McDonald's! You know I have no problem eating adorable cows!

{From my French Window}

Akr, one half of DNA, writes about being a vegetarian in a restaurant called Carnivore. (I must admit - my mouth is watering at the descriptions of the restaurant, although any place that will run out and get a vegetarian a suitable meal from another restaurant would get top marks in my book anyway.)

One of the waiters in particular- he looked more like a butcher- seemed particularly disappointed by the inevitable rejections that second and third round offerings received. The strapping fellow either went back and hacked something in despair or bawled his guts out. I guess we will never know.

Meanwhile, the other half of DNA writes about being brave enough to try something other than chicken.

So a few months or so ago I decided to start experimenting. I decided that I would go beyond just the fried fish and try other sea food preparations as well… and so a seasoned meat-eater who loves all things that swim took me (us!) to the Newton food stalls at about 1 night (was it 1am??) he ordered Cray fish, Prawns and Sting Ray.

{Singapore Ahoy!}

On the other side of the world, Don writes about the joys of living in a place with a cornacopia of choices for Indian food, as well as the oddities of a new country's food choices.

Poutine involves to foods that I very much enjoy, french fries and cheese, with one that makes me shudder, gravy. In Scotland they would look at you strangely if you asked for such a dish. Instead they serve Chips and Cheese, the parts I want without the scary gravy stuff.

{Ponderings from Afar}

And I go on at length about attempting to learn how to make Chinese dumplings with a language barrier.

It was an interesting evening, to say the least. Wei's father would mix up some... stuff... that was black... in with some meat... that was not black. And added some white stuff. Then he fried it up, in some other stuff that wasn't cooking oil.

{Anna Overseas}

Thank you again to everyone who participated this week! Remember: any expat can join us at any time, and if you write something suitable later than the due date, just let me know and I'll add it to our links.

{Carnival of Expats}


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Oh, I know I'm not in this carnival, but I am reminded of a story I've never told anyone about Japan.

So, there I was, with my American co-worker and a couple of our Japanese co-workers. We were in the mood for sushi, so we went to the best sushi place in Kumagaya on the other side of town. After we had our fill of sushi, my Yankee friend and I got a little adventurous. We went through the menu and ordered some deep friend looking thing.

We got it. We started eating it. We found it to be quite good. "I've finally got to find out what this is," said the Yankee, so he pulled his pocket-sized English/Japanese dictionary out of his bag.

"Oh my God."


"You won't believe what we're eating."

"Let me guess. It's fish testicles!"

"Oh my God."


"How did you know?"

"How did I know what?"

"That these are fish testicles?"

"No way. Really?"


"I just said the first disgusting thing that popped into my head!"

"Wow. That's a coincidence."

"These are really fish testicles?"


"You're not just jerking me around?"


"We're eating fish testicles?"

"Not bad."

But we didn't order seconds.

Hey Anna, been in Brunei for the last five days for work so haven't really checked up on things. Sorry I missed the carnival but will write a late submission.

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