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Carnival of Expats #2

The second Carnival of Expats is ready to begin!

If you're curious as to what a Carnival of blogging is, check out my rather muddled explanation.

To sum up:

Every week, a new topic will be chosen by the hosting blog on a Thursday. Over the course of the weekend, other expat bloggers will write on that topic, post it to their blog, and submit the permanent link (and trackback link if appropriate) to the host blog. On Monday morning (local time!), the host blog will round up the various posts into a cornacopia of links and commentary. It will be posted on both the host blog (in this case, mine), and on the primary blog of the Carnival (which is cunning called the Expat Carnival). Submitting blogs will then either link to the writeup, or copy and paste it into their own blog.

That was a longer sum up than I expected.

This week's topic: What has been your most interesting expat food experience?

I look forward to reading varied responses on Monday!

Note: Any expat can contribute a post and get linked. Don't feel obligated to respond to every Carnival! But, the more repsonses, the funner it will be!


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this is fun!

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