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Carnival of Expats IV

Yay! It's Thursday, and that means Carnival Day!

If you're curious as to what a Carnival of blogging is, check out my rather muddled explanation.

This week's topic: It's Winter, and that means the world is full of interesting and different festivals and holidays. It seems every culture and country tries to beat back the darkness at this time of year, and thus, I pass along to all of you: Tell us about interesting festivals and holidays you've attended while living abroad. Be it a different take on an old favorite (turnips at Halloween, anyone?) or a festival that your native land hasn't even dreamed of (Hogmanany? Huh?), tell us all about it!

I look forward to reading varied responses on Monday!

Note: Any expat can contribute a post and get linked. Don't feel obligated to respond to every Carnival! But, the more repsonses, the funner it will be!


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