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Carnival of Expats IV: Rockin' Festivals Expat Style

That is, in fact, the lamest title I could come up with.

Expat Carnival IV is now closed, and the entries, as usual, are as varied as the people who write them.

Phil, our participant who has moved the most and who thinks Christmas needs more BBQs, writes about Rock at Angkor Wat. There are pictures galore, and even a video you should watch.

A rock festival next door to the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat sounded just what I needed. (Rock at Angkor Wat 2003). Great company, good music, bad dancing styles, cold gin and tonics, it sounded like Schoolies Week/ Spring Break in an exotic location.


Our participant in France, Pumpkin Pie, talks about the beauty and wonder of a Christmas spent in the Christmas Capital of the World, Strasbourg.

That is why it is so wonderful to buy a warm crepe to snack on and a hot cup of wine to sip slowly as you stroll from one Christmas stall to the next admiring handcrafted toys and decorations. Last year there was a stall that had beautifully handcrafted wooden boxes containing secret compartments that the salesman had to reveal. Otherwise, you may never have found the secret technique to open the secret hiding place inside the box.

{From my French Window}

One of our two participants in Scotland, Don, talks about how Christmas in Scotland is so different than icicles and braving dangerous packs of mallrats back in Canada.

It may just be the novelty but there seems to be more excitement in the air than I’ve felt from Edmonton in a long while. Christmas lost its splendour a long time ago for me. For the first time in many years I feel a certain childish excitement that Christmas is on the way.

{Ponderings from Afar}

And the other participant from Scotland (that would be me) writes about Spring Festival in China.

I don't remember anymore what I expected. Fireworks, certainly, but fireworks were a nightly event in China, so it went without saying. Something involving a dragon, maybe. Something exciting and new, that much I know.

{Anna Overseas}

Thanks again for everyone who got a chance to participate this week! It's been a lot of fun reading these, and I can't wait till next Thursday!


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