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Carnival Three: Homesick?

The second Carnival of Expats is ready to begin!

If you're curious as to what a Carnival of blogging is, check out my rather muddled explanation.

This week's topic: Over on Sheepdip, Amber asked Phil how he deals with homesickness and missing his family. So, I pass it along to the Carnival: How do you deal with it? How does it affect you?

I look forward to reading varied responses on Monday!

Note: Any expat can contribute a post and get linked. Don't feel obligated to respond to every Carnival! But, the more repsonses, the funner it will be!

Extra Note: Next week will mark the first full month of the Expat Carnival, and I'd like it to rotate monthly in hosts. If you're interested in hosting, drop me an email and I'll get you set up.


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