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Expat Carnival #1: Results

Welcome to the first Expat Carnival! Participants this week answered the question "Why did you decide to move? Would you do it again? Why or why not?".

From France, in a post titled "A Small Small World", Pumpkin Pie writes about how moving to France was a decision that was the best for her family, both financially and emotionally. She also talks about how unusual the decision is, and how it effects her relationship with her extended family.

For us to think of living in another country is like living on another planet. Or when we meet people from other countries it is a little like they are aliens.
{From My French Window}

Meanwhile, off in Asia, Phil writes about the woman and the experiences that lead him to jump at a chance to head overseas.

Then the gods decided to intervene. I went to work on a Friday morning and was called into a board meeting. Thinking that I was getting retrenched, I was ready to quitely pack up my office and jump off the Sydney Harbour Bridge but it was not to be.

In Singapore, DNA together write about accepting a job offer, a decision they wouldn't take back.

We knew it would be more challenging than anything else in our (married) life till now....
{Singapore Ahoy!}

In Scotland, in a post titled "Leaving Town", Don writes about friends making choics to leave home, and how that changed the idea of 'home' for him.

Most of my closest friends were in the process of scattering and I had to face the realisation that those who weren’t already on that path were likely to, especially the ones who, like me, were not focussed on fledgling families. I started to realise that I needed to seriously focus on other parts of my life.
{Ponderings from Afar}

Also in Scotland, I wrote a post called "Never Go Home Again", where I bring up how being tired of being unhappy (and a 'small' loan) got me out of Canada and across to the UK, following a rather poorly thought out stint in China.

I could... could... become a new person, and then rush back to Canada, with all of my problems and issues solved, because no one would remember them! I'd just be that cool person who went off to China for a year! Yes! Wonderful plan!
{Anna Overseas}

Thank you to all the participants this week! I'd like to extend a special thank you to Living in the South Pacific, who not only suggested this week's topic, but emailed me moments before leaving for the airport to apologize for not writing this week. She's moving to Paupa New Guinea, you see, and got a bit busy. *grin*

Come back again Thursday for another topic, and remember: Anyone who is an expat can participate! {Expat Carnival}


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