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Here Puppy!

Hmm... Flickr is acting up, so I should post something before you notice what may be the big red X of doom in the boxes below this post....

I am not a dog person. I'm all happy that there are other people out there that are dog people, that like big dogs and little dogs and happy dogs and sad dogs and all that, but me? I think dogs should live out in the country some place, running free and being doggie and happy, not in the city.

I am definately in the minority here.

Fundamental Difference Between UK and Canada this week: The reactions to dogs.

Here, big dogs are all over the place in the city. Being walked without leashes. On the bus. In the stores. In the pubs. Everywhere. They're so obviously doted upon and well cared for and appreciated, and it's very strange. Back home, dogs are little, and are mostly kept indoors and out of sight, except in a few areas. I cannot imagine seeing a dog on the bus in Edmonton, except seeing eye dogs. Here, I've shared seats on the train with them.

Every once in a while, you'll pass a pub that has a sign on the door: "No dogs or children". They don't seem very busy, though.


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