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Missing that Certain Feeling

It's taken me a few days to quite put my finger on it.

I've been not really feeling very Christmasy. I could say it's because it's not snowing here, but I've experienced more than one brown Christmas, and had Christmases that were positively green. So, I don't think it's that.

I could say it's because of a lack of family around, but really, not likely. I haven't lived at home in something close to a million years, and I've actually only been home for Christmas... gee, once in 7 years. Must do something about that.

I could say it's even lack of Christmasy baking, but that would be a total fabrication as I've been baking cookies and pies all weekend. And eating them. Gotta test them lots before you let other people try em, right?

No, I finally figured out why I'm not feeling the Christmas rush I usually feel.

There's no Christmas music.

I haven't heard "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" once this year. Nor have I been subjected to way too much Elvis singing "Blue Christmas". There's been no "White Christmas", either.

Is it a cultural thing? I mean, granted, I haven't been in the malls once, but I've been buying baking stuff in the grocery store, I've been in and out of all sorts of little shops buying Christmas presents, I've even looked at Christmas Trees a time or two. But, still, no Chrismas music.

I never thought I'd say that I missed it... but I kinda do. I mean, I'm glad it hasn't been running since pre-Halloween, but we're almost on December here.

I want me some "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire", damn it!


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Consider yourself lucky - in Vancouver the canned music started up mid-November. I think by mid-late December I'm going to be sick of Christmas.

Isn't amazing the different senses we associate with Christmas. For me its a scorching hot sun, a cool afternoon breeze carrying the smell of sea salt and the sound of laughter around a BBQ.

ooh the music is everywhere in the shops and has been for weeks... it is driving me batty! half the time it's the canned Not The Original Artist versions... thank goodness for internet shopping :)

What edinburgh are you living in, i have heard marry boy child so many times i want to cut my ear out as comic allterntive to what else i have planed!
also how many times to i have to see you before i get meantioned on this damm site, damm it woman please my ego!

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