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Only in my life would this be a problem

So, yeah.

I just had handed to me on a silver platter an opportunity I want to have in about... oh, five years. And it's here, right now.

So, I could take it, and not go to Australia, not go to New Zealand. Or I could not take it, and not get this opportunity again.

*sigh* Oh look, it's that cornacopia of choices again.


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so what would stop you from accepting it and moving on when its right to do so?

Take it.

Sometimes you have to go with the current, ya know ...?

You could take it and postpone your visit to Australia until your holidays next year. Travelling is easy - opportunities are hard.

I have to agree with Phil on this one.

I agree. Opportunities are something you need to grab when you can. You can travel anytime. The worst way to live your life is with regrets.

oh man. I would say grab the opportunity too, but I know that is so easier said than done......

but I want DETAILS!
keep us posted...

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