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Well, unless something drastically changes in the middle of the night, I guess I'll be buying tickets to Nutcracker tomorrow. I'll admit, I'm excited. Nutcracker! Close up and all that! I've never been. (I'd blame my parents, but I can neither remember wanting to go as a child, nor the actual opportunity to go as a child. *sigh* Another day when I can't blame life's disappointments on my parents. How will I survive?)

It's funny, though, because every month that I think "A-hah! This'll be the month I make it to Stirling!", something comes up. And I put it off, becuase it's something like 20 minutes away from here, and it's not going anywhere, and really, it's just like little Edinburght, and... and... And it's like making plans to go to Jasper when I'm in Edmonton. I'll get around to it. Some day. Honest!

I continue to count down the minutes until Glastonbury, which is confusing everyone who hears about it. It's a constant "Why would you want to do that?" Well, because of the history and legends and stuff. "Legends? About Glastonbury?" I just shake my head. Trying to explain that sort of stuff to people who are surrounded by it all the time... it's like trying to explain to someone born in Edmonton why Edmonton, as a whole, isn't a crappy city. If you haven't lived anywhere else, you probably think it is.


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I get that a lot here, notwithstanding that I'm in the same country as before. You moved here from Portland? What on earth for?

I'll grant that it's a lot more common for people from here to move there, and most of the traffic in the opposite direction is composed of folks who, like me, have ties to the region and figure the grass is just as green on this side as any.

...But it still alternates between amusement and annoyance.

i just wrote about this on acomment- the place i live in is always so familiar that it is rendered fascinating (delhi is is incredibly so but too mundane)- even sing i have gotten used to so easily i havent done enough of the tourist curiosity thing. turkey showed me that.
oops this should be a post:)

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