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Presents for Everyone (kinda)

Work is very very dull today, and I've only been here for five minutes.

That aside. I am going to the Neil Gaiman book signing tonight. I have ticket number 98! I'm going to go meet Neil Gaiman, and stand there tongue tied like an idiot saying intelligent things like "gu...gu...gu...", just like last time I met a famous author.

By the end of the night, I will have in my hot little hands one *extra* copy of an autographed book of his. Anansi Boys, which I think I just spelled wrong.

If you would like that book, and are not Tom, who is getting something else, let me know. I would be very willing to ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Drop me an email: anna@annaoverseas.com. Include your name and address, please! And who you want the book signed to, in case it's not for you.


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