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I feel I should write something about Remembrance Day.

Let me tell you about my paternal Grandfather. He did not fight in the war, but not for lack of trying. You see, when he was a child, he was involved in a buggy accent of some sort that lead to him losing his leg. It was replaced with a wooden one, and for the most part he went on with his life.

But then the war came, and my Grandfather wanted to fight in it. Unfortunately for him, with a wooden leg, he couldn't fight. Not to be deterred, he actually paid someone else to take the physical for him. He was absolutely determined that he was going to fight in this war.

They didn't actually find out the truth until he was about to get on the boat to go to Europe. I'm not sure how they found out, but he was turned away, and unable to fight.

My Grandfather passed away when I was in college, and I regret that I never really asked him a lot of the details about that, or about most of his life, really. I knew him, but not well, because I was young and foolish when we both lived in BC, and kept thinking that there would be time, plenty of time, to get around to asking him things.

ETA: My Auntie Linda just wrote me with this:

Just to finish Grandpa’s story….he did serve time in the war, but here in Canada. He was posted to Dundurn, Saskatchewan and became the “Quarter-Master” at the military training camp…taking care of young men and women’s clothing, armament and food needs while in basic training. His background as a storekeeper became his “ticket” to serve his country. His youngest brother, Doug, became a pilot and was killed over Holland in a reconnaissance mission near the end of the war. A lake in northern Saskatchewan has been named in his honour and family members have had a memorial erected on the shore to remember him …and the many who gave their lives in WWII.

I didn't actually know any of this. Thank you, Auntie Linda.


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Thanks for remembering Remberance Day A., I completley forgot. We lost a Great Great Uncle at Passchendaele.

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