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Selling Christmas Cheer

For four out of the last five days, I've found myself at the German Market. It's been an unusual experience for me, since I keep expecting Christmas to involve more snow and cold. Being able to spend an evening wandering around brightly lit stalls, looking at handmade Christmas decorations, various types of candles, some pirate ships, and the occasional breadzel is exciting and new. Yay for warmer weather!

Two nights ago, gleefully giggling over my latest cookie cutter (a camel, to go with the elephant and the giraffe-that-looks-like-a-llama from last week), I sat and drank mulled apple wine, enjoying the Christmas lights, the press of people, and the sound of many languages. German, French, English, Spanish, some Chinese, probably a lot of others I don't know the sound of. It was so incredibly pleasant, the sort of experience I always wanted when living overseas. Something just a bit like home, but not too much.

Tonight I may go back again. I've run out of reindeer sausage, and I haven't tried any of the yummy smelling crepes filled with brown sugar. And there's always room for more mulled wine...


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What exactly is it about the languages? It's weird. I have all these awesome memories of our trip to Europe, but one of the ones that sticks with me the most as a 'living there' thing, not a 'tourist-visity' thing was riding the train from Holland down to France to catch the ferry to England, and hearing conversations in about three different languages around us.


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