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this just in...

Just got back from Glastonbury, Bath, Wells, Stonehenge, and probably a few other places that I'll be combing out of my hair for the next week. Had a wonderful time, wish you were here. Right now, I'm tired, sore, stressed from the plane, and generally looking forward to a yummy meal and a long hot shower. Very long. The only comment I have about the whole thing is that I am now the proud owner of a chicken umbrella and rainbow coloured knee high stripey-socks.


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Rainbow colored knee-high stripey socks?
I envy you.
I would never admit this to my goth friends, but I love rainbow socks. Especially the big tall kind that you can wear in the Canadian winter, and if your cool goth friends notice and mock you, then you can always claim "But it was cold out, and they were warm!" which is what I do with my bright teal green socks, and the candy-cane striped socks.
Um... if you ever happen to come across another pair of knee-high rainbow stripey socks, can you buys some for me?
I promise I'll send ya pics of me wearing them, and you may blackmail me by threatening to send copies to the goths.

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