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Wedding Bells are Ringing

My friend Mel is getting married tommorrow!

Ah, my darling one, be safe and be well, be happy in the arms of your lover, and may everything you vow to each other today be what you mean in all your tomorrows.

Also... send pictures.

I write about my thoughts on friends getting married and citizenship tests at the Canadian Expat Blog.

ETA: Link fixed.


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Congrats to Mel. Best wishes for your day.

God lord Anna, how fast to you write? NaNoWriMo, expat blogs, posting photos. I'm having heart palpatations just reading your schedule.

Thanks, Anna! I just wish you could be here *pouts* I think it's going to be great though..and we're silly excited.

Just so ya know, your link to the expat blog in that post links to me.

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