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Why Nutcracker Made Me Happy

Why Nutcracker Made Me Happy, a list, by jo

1. It was a great excuse to get dressed up. But my definition of dressed up involved knee high stripey rainbow socks.

2. It was a great excuse to go out for a nice dinner right across the street from the playhouse. Not enough time to go home and then come all the way back. Yummy!

3. It was a great excuse to look longingly at fairy wings and tiaras. Because I don't have enough sets of wings (2) or shinies to put on my head (5).

4. It was a great excuse to feel cultured. I went to the ballet! In Edinburgh! In stripey socks!

5. It was a great excuse to realize that I really do like the ballet.

The whole experience was a lot of fun. I was in awe of the dancers, and the music was fun and outstanding. My favorite bits were the individual doll dances near the end. I am madly in love with the couple who did the "Indian Doll" dances... so exotic and graceful!

But the true bit that awed me were the girls in the chorus that stood absolutely and completely still, in complicated looking poses, while the dancer doing Maria did this beautiful dance. How did the girls stand so still? They didn't even blink!

I'd never been the ballet. I did take ballet for a year when I was a wee lass, but that stopped when we moved. I have some recollection of some of the posisitons (first, second, and fifth), and the memory of being the tallest girl in the class, but nothing else. So, I wasn't sure what to expect.

It was interesting to me how they managed to tell this story entirely through movement and music. I knew what was going on without checking the program, and for the most part I was right. (I thought the godfather was a doting uncle, but really, does it matter?)

The costumes... my, the costumes.

I am planning on going again. They're doing Swan Lake, and Cinderella, in February. Sounds like a good time to go - when the February blues hit. (I get sick every February. It's how I tell it's February. Screw Valentine's day, it's Super Sick Anna Month.)


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Yay to knee high stripey rainbow socks!

Aahhhh I love going to the ballet, and the Nutcracker is one of my favourites. I danced for 7 years and really wished I'd carried on :)
Glad to hear you enjoyed it (where you able to take pictures at all?)

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