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Boxed In

I'm used to a typical Canadian Boxing Day. I used to work in The Really Big Mall (The Biggest Mall, in fact: West Edmonton Mall), and I still have bad times when I think about working there Boxing Day. In Canada, it's a traditional major sales day, with stores slashing their Christmas prices by huge amounts. Rampaging hordes of tense shoppers go through every major store, and people are angry, out of sorts, and generally miserable.

Even when I got out of working at the Big Mall of Doom and starting working at the Big Nameless Wireless Company, I had the same sorts of problems. People were angry and tense, so they'd call in, and have major meltdowns about everything they could. The same people that could be reasonable any other day of the year would be freaking out on Boxing Day.

I was dreading going out today, but Margery needed to catch her plane. I figured it would be just the same.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Admittedly: there were people out and about, there were sales, and the mall looked busy. But not packed. Not insane. And when I walked home along the Royal Mile, almost all of the stores were empty, if not closed outright. Some of them were having major sales, but no one was really busy, and it was pleasant.

Maybe Scotland spends Boxing Day still enjoying family and friends? What a novel concept. I could really grow to like this country


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Uhh, sorry, but the Big Mall of Doom actually isn't the world's biggest anymore. There's a bigger one in China now. In Shanghai, I believe.

it was madness here till the 24th, and we aren't used to that...

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